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This deviation was deleted

What do you mean crap? Your art is amazing. I looked at your gallery and was impressed. Your not a crappy artist, everyone has their own style. Your art is great and you should think it is too. I know how your feeling, and it WILL pass. Trust me, we all have some moments where we feel like we suck at things, but thats just how life is. It will get better. As for the picture, the colors and shading are great. I like the little leaf. Really adds goes with the picture well. The colors go with the depressing mood. The way you made the rain look is amazing. It seems so vivid. Overall, you did an amazing job. Just remember, your art isn't crap.
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Lillieath Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I know..I go often through this but it was never that bad..yesterday
I cried the whole evening and even if I know that this is stuipd I can't
get rid of this feeling .__.
But thank you I hope you're right and it will pass soon.
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